When "I" is replaced with "We" even Illness becomes Wellness! ~ Unknown

 Meet  " Poke"  The   Trainer 

My journey into health and wellness began in my late 20's as I was unfortunately diagnosed with several medical illnesses and two of the most prevalent being uncontrollable high blood pressure and sleep apnea. The sleep apnea prevented me from a peaceful night's rest as I would frequently wake up gasping for air and couldnt catch my breath. Although not fatal, awaking from your sleep under those conditions, its hard to know what's going on and I often feared of the worse. At that time I worked in  the Sleep Field and understood how sleep apnea, puts stress on the rest of your body's organs, specifically exacerbating my other illnesses. After many trips to the doctors and many different medications, none seeming to help the way as promised, the day came where I decided to educate myself and to live a healthier life for me and my family. 

For the next 3 years, i changed my diet drastically, drinking only water and eating only fruit, vegetables, and nuts for 3 years. My change came in less then 7 months and my body began to react to the changes. Weight wise, I went from 323 lbs to 171 lbs and to date, I am free of the ailments that haunted me before. 
From there on, I was set down the path of educating myself on the body. I did extensive research on  they nutrition physical? This research and understanding allowed me to change the course of my ailments to the point where I stand today.....all my conditions are gone. Once this was achieved, my next mission was to tell my story and help others by educating and training others in my community. 

My mission after getting myself healthy and fit, was to dedicate all my energy to getting others the same proven results I have had for well over a decade. I guarantee 100% dedication to all  who embrace my programs. You can begin by contacting us for a free phone consultation, HERE!